Monday, July 18, 2016

My Return to Campus

Back in June, I got the chance to head back to my alma mater and one of my absolute favorite places on earth.  There is something about Stillwater that just feels like home to me and probably always will.  I was able to go and speak at a meeting for cattle producers on campus and took full advantage of the opportunity to see some old friends and take a little run around campus.

After the program, I met up with SoulMate Friend and her precious family for dinner, dessert, and walking around downtown.  Then, we headed to campus where her boys had an absolute blast running around Library Lawn.  It made me super excited to take BB and LL and let them go wild one day as well!

SoulMate Friend and I met 13 years ago at OSU
and I'm not sure what I'd do without her friendship!
This is my professional "10 years ago I graduated, today I'm back
speaking here for my job" photo.
What better location for LL's 20 week bump photo?
So back in the olden days (12 years ago), Dave proposed to Kelly right here on this bench.
They them promptly came to my house to share the news.  We had to do a family photo on
said bench.  

The next morning, I decided to do a run around campus.  I was quite proud of my ability to run from the stadium clear across to Ag Hall and then down around to end things at the Union.  Somehow, I managed to not save any of the photos I got for my Snap Chat tour of campus except the first one...

Boone Pickens Stadium
On my way back, I took a stroll by our old abode.  Back in the day, I really thought we lived in a super nice place.  Turns out, it's kinda a dump?  Not really a dump, but it's sure not fancy.  It was, however, close to campus, had the comfiest couch, and was always filled with the best people. I  wouldn't trade those years in that place for anything!

And there you have it.  Almost 10 years to the day after I donned my cap and gown to walk across the stage and then proceeded to leave town with tears in my eyes, I was back right where it all began.

Go Pokes!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stitch Fix Report: Summer 2016

I was planning on waiting until after LL (stands for Littlest announcement is coming soon) is born before getting another Stitch Fix, but I had a couple credits and an email offering me a free styling fee, so I could not refuse. If you want to give it a try, use my referral link!

Although Stitch Fix offeres maternity boxes, I opted for regular clothes since I will not be pregnant for that much longer (I said that last summer too, mind you...) 

Without a doubt, this is my absolute best SF box ever.  I will ruin the suspense and just tell you that I kept all 5 pieces.  I plan on keeping this stylist (Torrey) for as long as I can. 

Usually, I do my report and include photos of me in the outfits. But since these clothes are not designed for someone 6 months pregnant, I will spare you. 

Rayna Crochet Trim Dress
I absolutely love this dress.  It might be my favorite piece.  The color is perfect. The detailing is fun.  And I think that when my baby bump is gone it will fit just perfectly. I am thinking of pairing with a white cardigan. 

Tibiron Embroidered Maxi Dress
I love maxi dresses.  They are cute, comfy, and can go for any occasion. I am seriously thinking about wearing this home from the hospital after LL arrives.  You can't see it, but it has a slot in the front.  And the detail is orange..obviously right up my alley.  My thinking here is if I wear it with a denim jacket and brown sandals, it will be a cute work outfit. 

Delevingne Tie Neck Top
I don't love the cut of this top...the skimpy halter straps are not so much my style, but I love the colors and think it will go with anything. I figure I can always throw a sweater or denim jacket over it and the top won't matter anyway. I think white pants or shorts will be the perfect pairing.

Kinski Mixed Material Top
The color of this shirt sold me.  I love that deep blue paired with white jeans or dress pants.  

Quirrel Halter Top
This is actually one of the items I had pinned on my Stitch Fix Pinterest Board. After I saw another blogger get it, I knew I wanted it too.  I am thinking it will go great with Navy blue shorts. 

Here is the info on these pieces if anyone wants to request any of these items in your next fix. 

Want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself?  Use this referral link and I will get a credit for sending you their way.  Worst case scenario, you are out $20.  Best case, you get a box like mine and have 5 new wardrobe items that you love! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Santa Sacks

Blonde Oklahoma Girl has started a little business (that she's hoping to grow into a BIG business) of making adorable crafty things.  Hilarious onesies, decals, coffee mugs, you name it, she does it.

Right now, she is having a Christmas in July sale on these adorable canvas "Santa Sacks."  They are customized with your kiddo's name on the front and then on Christmas morning, the Santa gifts are all delivered inside the sack.  Pretty cute idea, no?  

I've already ordered two for BB and LL to use this Christmas!

Visit her shop, Sweet Sager Designs, on Facebook and make your order!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

You Gotta Get Back on the Horse

BB loves his rocking/rolling horse.  I have not gotten a picture yet, but a lot of times I will find him in his room petting his Horsey on the nose.  It's adorable. 

We have taken several rides on Horsey around the house, and BB appears to be quite the horseman. 

But, even the best get bucked off sometimes.  Last week, Horsey apparently got a little wild, and down went BB.  His dad was quick to the rescue, picking up the cowboy, helping him dust himself off, and giving him the speech every country kid has heard from their father...."Now son, you have to get back on that horse.  I know he bucked you off but that's life and you always get back on."

And so, BB crawled back on Horsey and off they went, with dad watching proudly in the background.  I love watching The Boy from Texas be a dad and I can't wait to see what other important lessons he has up his sleeve.

Oh, here is a little video so you can see the horse and rider in action. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

52 Week Photo Project: Week 25

No one here ate Oreos on the way home...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Aunt Edith's Turn

My Great Aunt Edith was the last of a generation for our side of the family.  She buried her husband and his four siblings and their spouses.  Theirs was a generation that knew hard times and sacrifice and faith.  A generation who traveled by covered wagon and read by oil lamp and pulled together to win a World War against hatred and intolerance.  People who understood what it meant to love this country and watched the first man walk on the moon and drove the first wave of Model T cars. A generation so full of the hope and perseverance, lessons we all so badly need today.

Aunt Edith was, first and foremost, a lady.  Growing up, I was surrounded by a number of strong women.  And while she was no exception with regard to strength, she was quite different than my mother, grandmother, and other aunts.  She was quiet.  If you know my family, you understand why that stood out.  While my Gran frequently barked "Jody, you hush now, it's my turn to talk" while talking to my great uncle on the phone, I never heard Aunt Edith raise her voice.  She usually sat quietly, smiling, while all the talkers around her carried on.  She had no need to be the center of attention.

She had a calm presence, she always smiled, sat with her long legs perfectly crossed, and held a handkerchief in her hand. She wore polyester pants, always had her hair fixed, and made sure that no one in her presence ever went hungry.  I never heard her utter a curse word, but did hear her threaten to fix her son Craig's attitude a time or two.

She loved my Great Uncle Jody.  Which was probably quite a job given that he was the baby of the family and horribly spoiled by his mama and my grandma. They were married for over 60 years, after getting engaged at the Love Tree, on the ranch where they lived.  They raised two children. They held their great grandbabies and great, great nieces and nephews. They took every kid in the family fishing for cat fish at the tank in their yard. They danced at weddings and celebrated 100 years of the ranch being in our family, and enjoyed camping at the lake.

Hers was a life that set an example for us all, and leaves her remaining family members with shoes that cannot possibly be filled. 

And although we mourn today, I can just picture her sitting there quietly smiling as Gran and Uncle Jody argue over whose turn it is to talk now that she's arrived in Heaven.  Maybe this time, she'll join in and tell them, "Hush! It's my turn now."

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Fun

Over Father's Day Weekend, The Boy from Texas' family had a little get together at his Nana's house.  When we arrived, the front yard was all set up for a little fun in the sun.  And I'm here to tell you, I know one little guy who sure enjoyed it!

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