Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BB Four Months

And just like that, we were 1/3 of a year old.  This guy gets more fun every day.

Here's what he has been up to the last month.

-- Got a jumper.  If you are having a kid, this is the best money you will ever again spend.

-- Met Aunt Delta Dawn.

-- Celebrated Christmas.

-- Leaned to roll over (thanks to some monkey wrestling).

-- Met his great grandma, Mema.

-- Got his first belt from Uncle Denton.

-- Rode tractors with Dad and Granddad.

-- Saw his first lamb.

--Took a picture with his cousins and Great Great Aunt Nora.

-- Enjoyed his first fire in the fireplace.

-- Survived a blizzard.

-- Celebrated New Year's with friends.

-- Flipped mama off while wearing his Lukenback shirt and taking a photo for Uncle Denton.

--Played with his Christmas presents.

My Favorite Shots

Monthly Check In

Weight: 14 pounds

Length: 24.75"

Likes: His jumper,  turtle, his singing monkey, his car seat toy Clop Clop.

Dislikes: Being stuck in his car seat, being hungry, having his nails clipped.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

BB Three Months

Well.....I'm already WAY behind on these posts.  BB will be 5 months old in 9 days. Mom of the year, right here.  But better late than never.

Here is what BB was up to between two and three months.

--Started on a special formula that finally got some pounds packed on this little fella. 

--Attended his first wedding.

-- Met Ava.

--Stayed in his first hotel.

-- Met his friend Sami.

--Opened a bank account.

-- Wished Ubcle Denton a happy birthday. 

-- Celebrated his first Thanksgiving.

-- Checked cows.

--Celebrated a deer kill.

--Helped when I started back to work. 

My Favorite Shots

Monthly Check In

Weight: 12 pounds, 12 oz.

Length: 24.5"

Likes: Sleeping, smiling, his farm animal play mat.

Dislikes: Having to stop eating to burp, clothes, heart tests at the hospital.

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