Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Funny Conversations with The Boy From Texas (Part III)

This boyfriend of mine is something else.  Here are a few of his latest gems.

*Discussing people living in big cities like New York*
The Boy from Texas:  I don't understand why you would want to live there.  It's just a big feedlot.
Me:  A feedlot?
TBFT:  Yep.  Think about it.  They all get herded around streets that are like alleys.  They all come out into the streets to eat.  They're just getting fattened up to eventually die.
Me:  Wow.  That's a country boy's view for ya.

*Regarding some magazine list suggesting that a girl should write a boys name in lipstick on the mirror to keep the romance alive*
The Boy from Texas:  Why would you do that?  Who will clean that up?  Some city girl wrote this.

*He calls me from a car dealership asking my thoughts on him buying a new pickup.*
Me:  Well, it's not my money.
TBFT:  One day you might have a say in this so I want your opinion.
Me:  Well you really should probably do what you want because one day I won't let you anymore.
TBFT:  Good point.  I gotta go.

Me:  We got ND Friend's save the date addressed to [my full name] and [his full name].
TBFT:  Will we always be getting mail addressed like that?  (Obviously, he's asking if I'll change my last name if we get married.)
Me:  I suppose that all depends on you obtaining a shiny, round item.
TBFT:, you can always turn things around on me.  It's amazing.

*I actually don't remember what led up to this one.*
Me:  That was kinda mean.
TBFT:  I'm just giving you a hard time.  No one else does it, so I feel like that's my duty.

Oh, also, we're adding in a little something this time.  TBFT has taken to sending me songs he likes when he hears them on Pandora.  Best.Thing.Ever.  It's like a new playlist for me every day!  Here are couple of his current finds:


Brianne said...

I love your conversations. They are so cute & funny. He has a good taste in music too!

shaeken said...

These crack me up!

Also, round shiny item for the win. :)

Jen@Almost Gypsy Soul said...

So did he buy a new pickup?

adesertgirl said...

That's sweet that he sends you songs! I bet those are nice little surprises through the day. :)

-College Roomie

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