Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Reading Materials

Most people don't blog on the weekends, which leaves me with two days of nothing new to read about other than the news on MSN (speaking of that, I have developed an unhealthy obsession with the Malaysia Air flight 370 news).  Anyway, in light of that, I decided to share a few weekend reads with you....just some of the posts or stories I've read this week that I found interesting.  Enjoy.

1.  This blog talks about a time when the author was asked to make a sacrifice to help others because that is what Jesus would have done.  I love the whole message, every word.  The fact that it involves shoes (which we all know I love) makes it even better.

2.  This blog where a girl talks about her need to have everything be neat and organized and how maybe she should just let life be messy.  Maybe we try so hard to keep our houses and offices clean and neat because we think that if they are not a mess, or life cannot be a mess.  And maybe we should just let go and enjoy the fact that messy can sometimes be good.  If you're Type-A like me, you probably need to read this one.

3.  This post that talks about how maybe when we claim to be "waiting on God" we really need to get a move on.  I think that generally I'm not too bad about this one (The Boy from Texas might disagree beings that we still live 9 hours apart!), but I know a lot of people in my life who really struggle with this and sort of end up stuck in a rut because of it.  I think sometimes we  use "waiting on God" as a bit of an excuse when we are scared to make a move.  Maybe, in truth, He is waiting on us!


Brianne said...

Not gonna lie, I understand that people need a break, but I get annoyed that no one posts on the weekends ha. I want to read blogs! I play kickball with a girl who is originally from China, her mom was on that flight. I too have also developed an unhealthy obsession of following it & reading about it.

Linznoel said...

Love, Love, and Love. Jen Hatmaker talks about a similar call to action in Texas a few years ago. She and her husband were both wearing cowboy boots they had just exchanged for Christmas - she says easily the most expensive shoes they had ever bought. It's really humbling and puts things in perspective, how something that we have such an excess of is a basic necessity for someone else. And I loved the blog on waiting. I do believe that sometimes God gives us clear instruction to wait, but I also know that God works all things to our good when we love and serve him. A really enlightening article- thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

Katy Robertson said...

thanks for the good links friend!

happy weekend!

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