Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prayers for Ft. Hood

Yesterday my mom called and said, "There has been a shooting at Ft. Hood."  I knew why she was calling.  Soldier Cousin is stationed at Ft. Hood.  Immediately, his little, dimpled, 20 year old baby face was in my head.

Fortunately, she went on to say that he was okay and that they were all on lockdown, but he got a call out to his mom and asked her to let the family know before we saw it on the news and panicked. 

Of course, my initial reaction was one of relief.  I was thankful to God that Soldier Cousin was okay.  That he was not one of the 4 people killed or 11 people injured in this rampage.

But as I watched the news coverage last night, I realized that not everyone got the call that my family got.  For 4 families, the call was the opposite.  Their worlds were turned upside down.  Their lives were changed forever. 

The truth is that life is fragile.  It can change in an instant.  We never know which of the phone calls we will be receiving.  The other end of the receiver could hold thankfulness or heartbreak.

So today, I ask that you join our family in thanksgiving for the phone call that we received, and please pray for peace and comfort who did not receive the same news on the other end of that line.

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Brianne said...

I am so glad that your cousin is safe. The shooting is a tragedy in & of itself but it broke my heart so much more because they went through this just 5 years ago.

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