Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reliving Our First Date

Last weekend, The Boy from Texas and I got to relive part of our first date when we headed back to my hometown to go to the annual National Rifle Association Banquet.  The NRA banquet is basically a big event held each year to raise money for the 4-H shooting sports teams.  They have a bunch of raffles, a silent auction, and games.  Last year, as you read about before, this little event capped off our big day.  And although we didn't win any guns in 2013, we walked away with a relationship.  We called that a win.

This year when we headed back, we were hoping to add some guns to this relationship.  I wanted to win a pink pistol---I tried last year and didn't get it.  He wanted a shot gun.  The money we actually took with us was my bar review book refund (when you take the prep class, if you return the books, they give you a small refund...sort of like selling your books back in college).  Anyway, we decided that since we both had to go through the hell that was the bar exam, we deserved a little reward, so we cashed that refund and off we went.

A look around the room
Pre-dinner photograph
Me and Cousin Whitney (who was a champ at the casing toss game)

 And, well.....then this happened.

With our winnings.
The "Pink Lady" loot package that I won.

Yep, we both won guns.  What were the odds??  I have no idea....there were 500 people there for crying out loud!  Anyway, first off he won a Benelli Super Nova 12 gauge shotgun.  I had warned him previously that if he won something, I would scream.  And I did.  Embarrassing him and everyone else at our table.  When he got back to the table, I started doing a bit of strategic maneuvering.  "You know what, dear, it was your ticket, but my money, so I think we should share custody of this gun."  He responded with, "We won't have to.  You're going to win the pink pistol."  About 2 minutes later, they read off the winning ticket number, I jumped up from my seat, screamed "yes!," and pumped my first in the air.  I ended up with a Charter Arms "Pink Lady" .38 caliber revolver.

I'm here to tell y'all, the bar exam was hard.  It was hard on me, it was hard on The Boy from Texas.  These two guns do sort of make up for a lot of that. :)

So to sum it up.....we love the NRA banquet.  In the last 2 years, we've gotten a pretty darn good relationship and two guns out of it.  Pretty excited to see what happens next year!


Brianne said...

That's so exciting that you both won!!

Mandy said...

That's awesome! You guys made out like bandits!

Katy Robertson said...

Of course your love story includes guns!

Katy Robertson said...

Of course your love story includes guns!

adesertgirl said...

It really could not have worked out more perfectly. The NRA smiles down on the two of you, year after year.

-College Roomie

Laura Darling said...

This looks like fun!!

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