Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Endings

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." ~Orson Welles

So I recently learned that a certain movie, which was based on a book, has a completely different ending than the book. (I'm trying not to spoil anything here....). Apparently they made it a happy ending, rather than the real ending from the book.

I think this is a huge problem in Hollywood.....there is always a happy ending. The love story always works out. The cure always comes. The good guy always wins. The marriage is always easy. And the bad guy always gets caught. I think this is bad for real life. We expect life to always be easy and for us to always get a happy ending.
I'm as guilty as everyone else. I can think of one movie where there is not the classic "happy ending." My Best Friend's Wedding. Have you seen it? Julia Roberts is in love with her best friend, don't know his name, but Hot Guy with the scar on his lip. Problem? Hot Guy is engaged to Cameron Diaz. You watch Julia struggle with trying to win over Hot Guy. At one point, they kiss under a gazeebo on what was supposed to be his wedding day to Cameron. Now....because I'm a happy ending sucker, I stop the movie right there and pretend it's the end. Seriously, I don't watch the actual ending. (In case you don't know....he ditches Julia and marries Cameron). In life, that's probably the real ending....the perky blonde gets the girl and the best friend is left out in the cold. But it's not the happy one I want, so I change it. I'm as guilty as the people in Hollywood.
In life, sometimes happy endings don't come. Sometimes, the love story that would end happy in the movie, just ends. Sometimes the cure isn't found, the good guy gets beat, and life is just hard. Don't get me wrong....I'm not whining (Cousin Kevin gets angry with me when I whine on the blog) and I know my life is great and I'm completely blessed more than I deserve. But I'm just saying, sometimes happy endings in movies mke us think that is how life will always be. And when life is hard, we want to throw our hands up because it's not like that in the movies.

So the bottom line is that life is hard, it's not always fair, and there are not always happy endings right away. I believe that things work out in the end like they are supposed to, and that we all get our happy endings, just maybe not here on earth. So unlike the movies, where they can just change a sad ending into a happy one, in life we have to learn to deal with the endings we're given.
At least we have to for now, until we figure out a way to pause life the way I pause My Best Friend's Wedding.

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