Monday, May 30, 2011

Photos of the Week: Week 21

Well this long weekend, glorious as it was, has me all discombobulated on blogging. We'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. For now, here are my photos for last week!

Theme: Project 64 - Yellow Orange

As soon as I saw this week's color, I knew I wanted to shoot a sunset. I really liked this shot with the barbed wire fence in the foreground. Be sure to check out the other entries here!

Theme: Memorial Day (Quotography)

I looked through a lot of photos to decide which one to use for this quote....the Santa Fe National Cemetery, the Vietnam Wall....but I just couldn't get away from this shot I got at the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC earlier this month. The wreath you see was a gift from South Korea. One country thanking another for its sacrifice. I love the soldier's face in the background. Please remember to say a prayer for our troops--those fighting now and all of those who have ever fought--and their families. To see the other Quotography entries, click here.

Theme: Temptation

I'm here to tell you that I'm nowhere near ready to have kids. But hanging out with my friend Little Cowboy makes me want to have one to take home with me!

Theme: Summer Days

I got this shot of Little Brother at the lake this weekend and just loved the look. A cowboy's a cowboy no matter what he's doing.

Theme: Metal

I really like this shot of one of our windmills with the sun shining in the background.

Theme: Isaiah 54:12

I'm a New Mexican girl, so when I saw turquoise in this week's verse, I knew I had to use some jewelry! Check out Verse of the Week here.

Theme: Happiness
Nothing like a brand new baby calf to bring a smile to my face. This tiny little guy was taking a little nap in the sunshine.

Theme: Furry

I loved this photo of one of our ewes that I snapped this weekend and thought it would work well for this week's Happy Monday theme!

Theme: Food

I had to get a little creative on this one since I didn't take any picutres of the food I ate this week. But I did snap this photo when we were feeding cows over the weekend and I thought it would work. You can check out the other entries on Friday at Live Every Moment!


Allie said...

Great photos! The first one is so pretty! Thanks for linking up! :)

Brooke said...

Great collection of photos! The sunset photo works great for yellow orange, thanks for linking up!

Miriam said...

Your set is beautiful, I really like the sunset though and I have a soft spot for sheep! visiting from Project 64

Anonymous said...

Love the Memorial Day one. Gorgeous.... Of course, they all look good. :)

-College Roomie

kaye said...

very nice. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Nicolasa said...

Beautiful entry for this week!

Susan said...

Wow...what a great group of pictures.

Have a blessed day today!

Tara said...

Great photos, the sunset is gorgeous! Very creative for food!

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