Friday, November 18, 2011

Ask Little Cowboy #2: Relationship Advice

"One of you should know how to write a check. Because, even if you have tons of love, there is still going to be a lot of bills." -- Ava, age 8 when asked about love

Happy Friday to ya! I know that you're excited for our new "Ask Little Cowboy" blog. In case you missed, it, Little Cowboy is my soon-to-be nephew. After his wildly popular Meet the Cast Monday blog, he came back by popular demand with his first Ask Little Cowboy Blog. We're back today with take 2.
If you have question for Little Cowboy....on any topic, he's ready for it all politics, religion, horses, nap time, you get it.....just leave a comment below!

And's Little Cowboy and his relationship advice

How do people know when they’re in love? It means they like can't live without the other one and that's weird. {That is weird. Good call!}

Where should a girl look to find a boyfriend? Um in Fort Sumner cause that's where I found McKayla. {This is breaking news. You might remember last time that Little Cowboy was really upset because all of his "dang girlfriends" were getting married. Luckily, he has found a new girlfriend--a high school senior named McKayla from a town called Ft. Sumner.}

What happens when you kiss a girl? Your tongue falls off!!! (Unless it's your Moomoos {what he calls his mom} or your Mimi {his grandma}....) {I had to ask this because one of the first times I met him, Little Brother said, "Little Cowboy, what happens when you kiss a girl?" Little Cowboy said, "Tongue and ears" and went on to explain that Little Brother and PT taught him that if he kissed a girl, his tongue and ears would fall off.}

What do boys look for in a girlfriend? Food! {Ha! No wonder I'm single!}

When should people get married? When they're big enough to. And when they can but the boy has to get the girl a ring first. {Aunt Tiff will work on this.....I think that he's old enough to know that you have to have a job first. Like this little girl in my favorite video ever.}


Anonymous said...

I just love little cowboy's advise! Great Job Little Cowboy! Oh and I love the picture of him and I believe his moomoo :)

Your a lucky Aunt to get him! :)


Lyndse said...

So, I have to go to Ft. Sumner to find a boyfriend. Interesting. Ask him where to go in Oklahoma to find a boyfriend.

Food is what boys look for, this explains why I am single...haha!

Love little cowboy and all his answers!!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is so cute! "...and that's weird!" He is wise.

-College Roomie

Anonymous said...

BTW - love the new pics in the header-portion-thingy.

-College Roomie

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous! I miss seeing this little guy daily!

-Little Cowboy's EX girlfriend

Meghan said...

Oh my word. This is just precious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just too precious! - Micca

Perhaps a future question would be, Some goals he wants to achieve by his 12th? birthday?

Laura said...

Oh, Little Cowboy, you crack me up!

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